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The purpose of the form is to collect information of the spring that you would like us to give you a price quote for production.

Inorder to submit this Form or any attached spring diagrams, please print out this filled form and Fax to 604-278-0782 with any diagrams if applicable. To Print this form, point at anywhere of this form, right click and select print.


First name
Last name
Street address
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Zip/Postal code
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Please provide the following information for us to respond to your inquiry :

Compression Spring           Extension Spring

Material Diameter
Music Wire

Low Carbon Wire

Phosphor Brozne

Stainless Steel


For Compression Spring, please fill up details in this section

O.D. I.D.
Number of Turns Active Turns
Full Length

Close End

  Close & Ground End




For Extension Spring, please fill up details in this section

Body Length Over All Length

Germen Hook

English Hook

(Regular Hook)

     (Gross Centre Hook)

Open Loop

Full Loop



For Springs other than Compression and Extension, please attach the spring diagram and details for a price quote.

Please Fax this form to 604-278-0782 for inquiry.  We will reply your inquiry as soon as possible. Thank You.

To Contact us through the phone, please call 604-278-0781,

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